Just call me Grumpy

So my day has gone something like this – 
Up at 5, in the shower at 6, breakfast and time with the kids, get Nathan ready for school, out the door at 7:40
Home with the intention of picking up the house and leaving with Daniel by 9 to go grocery shopping and run errands. Nope. Spent too much time cleaning and consoling Daniel, skip grocery shopping/errands. Eat third meal in a row of peanut butter sandwich on last piece of bread. 
Show the house to a lovely couple who probably won’t be interested, get Nathan off the bus, feed the boys and get them to bed by noon so they’ll be up in time to leave for Iron Mountain at 3. Both boys short out on their naps and Nathan starts coughing and running a fever. 
Now it’s 2:30 and instead of an hour of a quiet house, both boys are up, the trip that I needed to make to Iron Mountain to order things for the kitchen to be here on time for them to be installed is postponed until further notice, I’m going stir crazy and watching the clock wondering how to make the next 5 1/2 hours pass quickly. I know some of these things make you cringe, they make me cringe too. But I’m going for transparency here, so bear with me. So I’m cleaning up the mess that Nathan made in the kitchen and feeling pretty agitated. It’s silly I know, but thoughts like “why can’t anything ever just be easy” or “for once it would be nice if things went as planned” were rolling through my head. I guess I wasn’t terribly rational in that moment….
So there I am, weary, annoyed and my least favorite version of me, when these words crash down on me “don’t just survive the process, thrive in it”.  God in His Fatherly love for me knows what storms and successes lie ahead in my life and He has graciously put a process in place for me to learn what I need in order to be able to handle the future. A large part of (King) David’s process took place in the pasture. For Joseph it was prison. For Daniel it was alone with God.  Learning to steward each season well to be prepared for Goliath. For the throne. For what lies ahead. 

I love my life and so many things about this season. So even as I look forward to each season being greater than the last as God moves me from glory to glory I want to learn to thrive in the process and the parts that I really dislike. Even if that means changes in my schedule, wet socks from splashing hands, peanut butter sandwiches, and ice and snow in May.