You should probably read this today.

Once again the words heaviest on my heart for this exact tim are not my own. For years growing up I listened to this song, but I feel like I heard it for the first time today. Different reasons why this might be what you need to hear come to mind, but I don’t want to limit it to that. Lean in and hear what the Father is saying to you in this moment

My prayer as you read each line is the words would come to life and minister to you at the point of your need and that they would draw you into your destiny…

Like a king who hides in shadows while a thief usurps his throne
You stumbled down through all your days without direction.
While the soldiers and the servants who should be at your command
Are all abandoned to surrender and defection.

As the kingdom groans beneath the load,
Your feet go running down the road
In panic you’ve forgotten all I’ve told you.
If you’ll just call you’d see Me there
At the very instant of your prayer
But you’ve bought a bill of goods the liar’s sold you.

I have chosen you
There’s no need to run away.
I have chosen you
Why do you doubt the words I say.
Through it all I’ve been right by your side.
Ask me and you will not be denied.

Like a slave who wears the collar of a hard and cruel man
And is convinced that he deserves the treatment given.
Tortured to believing nothing’s ever going to change
Till you’ve forgotten there was ever more to living.

But as you struggle with your load
The messengers come down the road
And the slaver flees in fear as he beholds them.
They break your chains and set you free
To stand amazed in liberty
And at last they give the word that God has told them.

I know the devil’s cut you down and made you feel so small

I’ve seen your desperation with your back against the wall

But I’ll still be here beside you, even if you’ve given in

Until you see My love for you is all that you need to win!