3 problems, 1 solution!

Ok, you probably know by now how excited I get about new solutions to every day problems, specifically things that are difficult to organize. I found a solution to three problems today!

1. Keeping all the little things in my baking cupboard organized. Seasoning packets, birthday candles, etc. You know, the things that float around and get lost behind that giantĀ canisterĀ of flour so you’re not really sure if you even have any, so you buy more, only to lose them in the abyss of bottles, jars and shakers.
2. Bags. Uhg, I loathe them. Powdered sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips….they’re just so floppy and messy looking! Not to mention a total disaster if they spill! I know there are options out there, it just seemed like none of them were a good fit for my limited space.
3. High shelves. For me, it’s shelf number three. Anything that goes up there ends up staying there, unless it’s right in the front. Or I stand on my tippy toes and end up knocking it over til it crashes on my head.
Annoying, right? But no more!
Quickly, before nap time ends – here is the solution I found for $1.99!!!

Picked these up for $1.99 and an extra 2 pack, just in case!

Stocked one up with the sneaky little things that don’t have a place anywhere else

Lines up the bags in the other one

Surprise! They’re stackable!! They have these little white things (see the picture above) that flip down so another basket can rest on top! Genius.

But wait…there’s more…

Yup, that’s right. The high shelf. No more reaching to the back for things or knocking stuff over. The baskets I can reach! Woohoo!

They can be easily reconfigured and if I had more shelf space I would probably use two just for the bagged items, but this is a great improvement for me. I was actually going to buy a shoe box size rubbermaid container with a lid so that I could stack them and not waste valuable space. I like this much better though!

Happy organizing : )