IMG_3127Me? I’m Emily. I’ve been a daughter for 30 years, a wife for 10 and a mom for 5. My journey is usually challenging, sometimes exciting occasionally boring and always held in the hands of a wonderful God who is in a good mood and delights in me.


My little family!
My little family!
Wes and I...I have found the one my soul loves
Wes and I…I have found the one my soul loves

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve enjoyed spending some time in your blog this morning. Love the positive thoughts you have here. Keep writing. I’ll be back. 😉


  2. I also enjoyed coming across your blog. You are a Christian, wife, mom, and like metal just like me 🙂 You write about the things I often think about! I don’t know if I can “follow” you since I don’t have WordPress, but I have tumblr (ashleyelizabethdixon.tumblr.com).


  3. Thank you for motivating me to figure out how to add a “follow me via email” feature to my page! Bookmarked your Tumbr so I can check it out when I have more time : )


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