How To Be Slightly Less of a Hot Mess

Alright guys, let’s be real. There’s really nothing in my life that qualifies me to write this. My life is messy and complicated and sometimes I raise my voice or give my kids permission on the tablet when I should be reading with them or I let them have cereal for dinner. I’m just doing the best that I know how and sometimes it works and sometimes not so much 🙂
So that’s my disclaimer. Please don’t think I’m saying that I have it all figured out or that I’m doing anything perfectly. If you judge me by that standard then I’m screwed.
All that to say that are a few things that I do…ok, *try* to do,  consistently that seem to make life easier. It’s really not about binders (yes, I love them, but they’re not magic…or are they?) or about meal prep (haha, yeah right). Here’s my super secret to sanity – it’s my soul.  Me on the inside.  When that part is healthy, other things follow. Like energy, sanity, clean laundry…not even kidding =D

I like lists so here are some healthy-soul snacks that fuel my life-
1.  Be a good friend.
If you want to have good friends, be a good friend. So allow yourself to invest in those relationships. I know that it’s tough when your schedules are crazy, but I would really challenge you to find healthy friendships to intentionally build.  Set reminders (really!) to check in with them. Just because you don’t have hours to dedicate to coffee or girl’s nights doesn’t mean you can’t be close. One or two really great friendships will change your life. Surround yourself with people who are solid in areas that you would like to be.

2. Forgive quickly and completely. 
Whatever he/she/they did to you, it’s not worth your soul health. No matter how crappy it was, don’t drain your energy by talking about it or thinking about it for a second longer than you have to. Some things take longer than others to work through, I get that. But don’t spend years on something that could have been over in a matter of weeks (or hours!).  I highly recommend The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness as a tool for learning how to get in the habit of forgiveness and why it matters so much.

3. Ditch the guilt trip 
I really don’t have much to say about this, because I’m terrible at it. But I know one thing – when I do take authority over the guilt and shame and comparison that tries to keep me down it’s AMAZING. When I look around at my life and can say “yeah, there’s always room for improvement, but who I am is just fine” it brings so. much. freedom.

4. Attitude 
You already know this so I won’t prattle on. But dude. Get your attitude in check. Don’t let your emotions be boss. Tell yourself how to feel and then learn what it takes to get there. For me, I can say that 99% of the time that I’m a cranky butt it’s because I’m neglecting gratefulness.  It’s hard to be mad when you realize that no matter what the day or what is happening you really do have a ton going for you. Say it out loud. “I’m so thankful that I never have to wonder where my next meal is coming from”.  Text someone “Hey, I’m so thankful for your help on Tuesdays”, “that thing you posted was hilarious, just what I needed, thanks”, “seeing how messy your house is made me feel so much better, thanks for that” (just kidding, please don’t say that) 😉

You may think that with enough willpower you can do this stuff on your own.
And maybe you can.
But I can’t.
Jesus is my life source. Without His extravagant love for me I wouldn’t be able to love well, forgive quickly or walk in freedom. I need to hang out with Him a lot or I just can’t. Like. Can’t even adult. Can’t even be truly productive.  In the most white-girl, PSL, kind of way I can’t even.

These are the things that make it possible for me to do my life and circumstances well (most days).  Sure, getting enough sleep, staying active, attempting to keep my spaces clutter-free, planning ahead…all of those things make life so much easier. HOWEVER. I’ve done all those things during seasons when I was angry, stressed, hurt, and setting unrealistic standards for myself and nothing got done well during those times, binder or no.
I like to set personal goals, maybe it would be cool if we did it together? What is one thing that you’d like to create a new habit in this month? Wanna do it together?



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