The embarrassing fan

Close your eyes.
Nope, that won’t work.
Keep your eyes on the screen and imagine with me for a moment that one of the people you admire the most on the planet is coming to your neighborhood. Singer, actor, politician, athlete, pastor, anyone that you would be over the moon to see in person. Exciting, right? You’re in the crowd freaking out a little. Then they stop what they’re doing and say “hey, you- yes, you in the awesome shirt. Can we chat?” Your heart is racing as you head backstage. Then comes the gush. You have zero care for what anyone thinks, no shame. You’re going to say all the things you imagined if this moment ever happened. Tell them how talented they are, how you love their work, how you’ve followed them for years and been so impressed with everything they’ve done. Your face is animated, your gestures and body language all revealing your enthusiasm and sincerity.

So if you see me in church, in my car, in my home looking a little geeked out and nerdy, gushing over the One who has made my heart come alive, well…I just can’t help myself. Well, I guess I could. But I don’t want to. He’s offering far more than a meet and greet, far more than I could ever be worthy of and I’m not interested in being a spectator.

  There’s another side of this involving the ease of passing by someone worthy of praise because you don’t recognize them, but that’s a conversation for another day. 

 By the way, when it comes to humans I’d love to hang out with my list goes something like Paul Manwaring, Jenn Johnson, George W and Gerard Butler 😊 

   You are my one thing ❤️


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