6 Things About Fear vs Wisdom

The western world seems to be in a bit of an uproar right now over who gets to use which restrooms. I’ve been watching. Reading. Taking in a few choice articles and observing the comments of some friends who have some great insights.  This isn’t one of those. You make your own choices about whether to support Target or the train of businesses that will likely follow their example. I have nothing to say about that.
I do, however, have something to say to moms and dads and caregivers. And let’s be real- I’m saying all these things to myself because this is a journey I’ll be on until I’ve taken more steps than my Fitbit can track. It’s the journey of knowing the difference between fear and wisdom. I bring it up now because I’m hearing so many people talking about how they’re afraid for their little girls to be using the bathroom with men. Afraid for the what-ifs. Afraid because the media feeds on getting reactions and fear is a big one.
I just thought I’d take a few minutes to list a few things to help us work out whether we’re using wisdom to keep our kids safe or if we’re letting fear control our choices.

On the fear side we have…

 1.Fear focuses on the problem. It draws our attention to all the bad things that could possibly happen.

2. The fruit of fear is anxiety, sleeplessness, and a sense of helplessness

3. Fear steals our joy.

4. Fear based actions create a false sense of control over circumstances. We often think we can prevent bad things from happening when we let fear control our decisions.

5. Fear is putting our faith in the wrong things.

6. Fear reacts.

On the other hand, wisdom – 

  1. Wisdom draws our attention to God-given solutions. It applies Biblical Truth to our circumstances.
  2. The fruit of wisdom is peace.
  3. When wisdom is applied to a situation it brings freedom and joy.
  4. Wisdom recognizes that we can only control our own choices, not the choices of others.
  5. Wisdom recognizes that ultimately God is our strength and our defender. Our faith is in Him alone.
  6. Wisdom observes and then responds.

So maybe those are some tools we can use to measure our choices. And the more we get wisdom, the more we’ll recognize her voice.  Remember, fear wants to hold us hostage, wisdom wants to see us free to grow and expand.




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