Were not our hearts burning?

For any of you who know my mom, you know she’s not much for small talk.  There’s this thing she used to do that kinda drove me crazy (sorry mom, love you!).  We’d get together and within what seemed like a few moments she’d drop the bomb – “so…whatcha reading in the Word lately?”  Sometimes it would lead into a wonderful, deep conversation about the things God was revealing to us and how we were applying it (which was the point of the question) and sometimes it led to me awkwardly squirming in my seat mumbling under my breath something about the Psalm that I read (and by read, I mean scanned quickly while I was getting my bulletin out to check the schedule for the week).

For her, it was as natural as asking what I had for breakfast. It wasn’t meant to put anyone on the spot, but to talk about something that should be as much a part of our day as organic fruit and whole grain oatmeal (*cough cough* lucky charms).

It’s so easy for “life” to crowd out that precious, life-giving, time leaning into God and listening for His voice in Scripture. But we have to make it a priority. Let me be frank, if season after season we’re not reading the Bible on a regular basis then I would question if we have any business calling ourselves Christians.   So I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in taking a 1-week challenge with me (we’ll start small 🙂 )? Anyone? Buhler? Larrrrrrrrrrrry?!?!  We’ll commit to making time in our day to read from the Bible (devotionals are good, but they are no substitute!!)  then hold one other accountable by asking the infamous question “what you are reading in the Word?” : )
Let’s fall in love with the Word again until we can’t go a day without it ❤


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