lips that bow down

As I was fiddling about the kitchen, making lunch and other daily tasks I was singing a line from my favorite worship song “Your praise will ever be on my lips”.  It was a sweet time of fellowship with my Savior, and I treasure those moments in my busy days. Eyes closed, hands lifted (hot pad in one hand, butter on my other) I heard that voice…the one that comforts, encourages, disciplines. In a split second it was as if Holy Spirit ran a play back of the conversations I have had in the last 24 hours. With other people, with myself (don’t judge lol) with my children and He asked me what my words were praising.  Not in the way that we usually think of praise, but just in that I was giving my energy and influence to talk about things, which is a form of praise. I won’t take you through the process that followed, I’m sure you can get there on your own. I just thought I would share the challenge to make sure that our words are giving honor to the one, true, God.  As we talk about the weather, the game, the latest news in vaccinations, our families…lets just be sure that our hearts are set on things above so that the words that come from our hearts are more than just a bow to lesser things.


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