I am Cinderella, avocado, blue and summer.

Ok, I don’t actually know if that’s true. I didn’t take the test, so how would I?  I’m bombarded by these quizzes on my news feed everyday though. Which Disney Princess Are You? What Beatles Song Are You? What Campbell’s Soup Are You? What Book of the Bible Are You? Clearly, we live in a culture that is in search for identity and for confirmation that the good things we want to believe about ourselves are true. And there’s nothing wrong with those things. And there’s nothing bad about the quizzes. Really. They’re just silly fun and I think most of you would agree. But I wonder if they leave a little residue on us? A question about our strengths and weaknesses. A feeling of letdown when we didn’t get the answers we want.
What if I every time one of those quizzes tempted us with an answer that tells us we’re smart, funny, going to live a nice long life and then drift off to heaven in our sleep – what if – what if…instead we spent that 4-6 minutes finding what God says about us? Buzzfeed doesn’t have anything on the One who created us in the first place! He knows the hairs on our head, obviously He knows which Friends character we would be! : )

Subway Art_thumb[8]


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