Uniquely yours

I haven’t had a lot to say lately. Busyness, hurt and my internal editor have quieted my voice. There’s a time for every season and so I’ve waited and listened for that familiar voice that speaks to my heart and says “share this”.  It hasn’t come and I’m totally ok with that. Through the moments that I literally (don’t laugh) glanced up and said “this, Lord?” and sensed a “not yet” until tonight when I felt released to say this-

Be yourself. There’s a worship that only you can give, don’t withhold that from the One who is worthy of ALL our praise. There will be seasons of silence from you to the world around you, but there never needs to be a season of silence where your worship is concerned. And not just worship in the sense that all of our obedience is worship, but actual songs. So make a joyful noise. Whisper your heart. Kneel before the throne saying “holy, holy, holy”. Use your uniquely beautiful voice to give honor to the King. Go ahead, He’s waiting ❤



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