Because men are pigs.

Men are pigs? Crazy that I can get away with saying that and not expect any angry responses as long as I can “justify” it. It’s kind of messed up. I’ve noticed this trend…as far as I can tell is been going on for oh, maybe 20 years or so?  It goes like this: women are empowered, strong and smart and think it’s ok to make jokes about how men are helpless, weak and dumb.  Before you get too ruffled, allow me to say that I realize that a lot of it is said in jest by women who not only love their husbands, but even like them.  I just don’t think that makes it ok.  Sitcoms, facebook, internet memes, conversations…if someone landed on our planet and heard and saw the way we talk about men they’d be amazed that there are so many of them still walking the earth without a woman to personally assist them throughout their day.

Listen, I get it – we have our strengths as women and some of them are totally opposite from the men in our lives. Multi-tasking, attention to detail, we do those things well (most of the time!) But there are also things that as a general rule come more naturally to men. Go to a public place and choose 10 random men and 10 random women and chances are they’ll be able to lift more. But, oh the uproar when a man suggests that he is stronger and that a woman is in need of his assistance. I’ve heard more than one woman rudely say to a man “I’m perfectly capable of opening my own door” as if his manners are insulting, and yet we say some pretty mean things and laugh as if it’s the most hilarious thing.

I don’t write this to point fingers or make you feel bad, just to say this – lets do better. Let’s honor the men in our lives and whenever possible give them something even greater to strive for. It’s so cool — when Wes brags about me in front of his friends it makes me want to improve and to live up to what he sees in me. I want to do the same thing for him.  Choose your words wisely, build him up and celebrate his strengths. Let’s work together to be women who show respect to our husbands, boyfriends, brothers, friends…and lets stop being the jerks that we don’t want them to be!


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