AHA! Part 2!

If you haven’t already, check out part 1 = )


Fiddlestix Photography

So there’s this super sweet girl that takes super great pictures AND she shares her skills with lots of lucky clients! To see her work and book a session –


Bloom and Bumble Photography

Or, if you’re in the northwest Ohio/ southeast Michigan area then you’re lucky enough to book with this amazing photographer –

I had to pause to look at her photos again, I just love her work!

She may be taking a bit of time off with baby girl number six on the way any day now : )


Bekah Hall/Twirls and Curls Botique
Where to start? I’ve been lucky enough to know this girl for well over half my life and it’s been so cool to hear people raving about the adorable girly accessories that she makes.  While you’re ooohing and ahhhing over her things make a note of what you want to order because you’ll have to wait until after new year. And while you’re at it, make a note to pray that God would heal her body so she can do what she loves and be totally pain free!

Sarah Hall/ LaLa Ladybug
The hats, oh my goodness the hats! So much cuteness! Custom crochet of all kinds, if there’s something you have in mind, drop her a message and get an order in!

Darla Sprague / Hooks and Needles Crafts

Lots more cuteness here! I didn’t even know that you could crochet a stuffed animal until I saw Darla’s pictures. Such great gift ideas for all kinds of people in your life!

Direct Sales

Amanda Clark with Better Way Imports

I really hope that you take the time to check this out! Shop with a cause. Shop because justice matters. Make your dollars go further by purchasing what you want/need AND changing a life in the process.  Here’s what they’re about –
“Better Way Imports began first as an encounter with a profound awareness of the evils of sexual slavery in disadvantaged populations of the developing world.  Of all the slaves in this world, roughly 80% are women.  With few skills, no education, and a depth of poverty nearly impossible to imagine, women are trapped in the hopelessness of their situation.  Often sold into slavery by their destitute families, they become ensnared by a web of deceit, ignorance, and debt.

A way out has been created by local fair trade organizations designed to give them hope, education, and a future.  Assured a fair price for the work of their hands, these women regain their futures–a way to earn, learn, and provide for themselves and their families.  More than this, they gain the restoration of their God-given dignity, a priceless part of their experience and existence.  But where can they sell their beautiful creations?

This is where Better Way Imports comes in. BWI is the means for the retail sale and distribution of these fair trade goods.

Started in 2001 by Bill Leep, Better Way Imports grew out of his desire to do something about the deplorable living conditions of people in Kolkata, India.  Read his full story here.

Better Way Imports offers exciting opportunities not only for those trapped in slavery, but also for you! Join us in the fight against modern-day slavery by becoming a Freedom Fighter, attending our events, or buying our products.”

So you can check out their products online at http://store.betterwayimports.com
and then get in touch with Amanda to place an order or book a party

Melissa Niemi with Norwex

A year ago I didn’t know what Norwex was and I went to my first party not planning to make any purchases. Then Melissa told me about the products and I realized that I owed it to my family to at least look into it.  One swipe of the envirocloth and I was hooked!
Learn more about their products, shop and order here –

I actually have 2 friends who sell these awesome products, you can also check out Jessica’s page here – = ) http://www.norwex.biz/pws/jessicaholroyd/tabs/home.aspx

For all your Thirty-One and Scentsy needs, Brigitte Goss is your girl!


I think that’s everyone! If I missed anyone let me know and I’ll add you! Praying that 2014 is an amazing year for all of you and that you have as much business as you want and that you and those around you are extremely blessed by what you doing what makes you come alive!


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