Authors, artists, bakers, oh my!

I really believe that Christians should be the most creative, inspired, unique people on the planet. Leaders in business, art and tech, successful wherever their passions lie.   Here are some of the amazing things they’re up to, check them out, “like” their facebook pages, buy from them and spread the word! It might not seem like a big deal to buy one song, one book, one hat, but that can lead to more sales and every bit counts! Add your own pages in the comments!


Trenton Thomas – “Trenton Thomas is not a typical modern Christian musician. Instead of seeking more money, greater fame, or a big-label contract, his main goal is providing solid new hymns for churches around the world in this generation.

After writing his first song at the age of six, Trenton knew at a young age that church music was to be his calling in life.  He fell into the role of music director at his church at the age of ten, and has been helping churches achieve a high standard of music ever since.  To Trenton, the musical portion of a church service is just as important as the preaching, and to that end he writes and records music that is solid both biblically and musically, as well as enjoyable to listen to and sing.

Currently, Trenton gives away over 4,000 pieces of music each month through his online sheet music ministry at  To compliment his  songwriting, Trenton also produces and records his original music, making unique and worshipful music that helps uplift listeners’ hearts while stimulating their minds with the truths of Scripture.
Throughout church history, music has played a huge role in theology, both in education and practical application.  Because of this, Trenton dreams of writing music that will not only connect with the modern church, but will endure through time along with many of the church’s greatest hymns.  To him, this quest is much bigger than just writing a “hit track.”  This realization drives Trenton to dig deeper and work harder to bring new music to your church, your family, and your private times of praise.  Whether he is presenting his new music in front of a church, or recording in his studio to sing via radio or someone’s mp3 player, Trenton strives to make his music enjoyable, worshipful, and excellent in every way.

“We serve an awesome and holy God, and it is our duty to praise Him with the best of our frail human abilities.” 
~Trenton Thomas”


Seth Waters/ Interpose Productions
     I want to promote people that I like, but even if I didn’t like him, his talent would speak for itself. Support him and his beautiful wife!

“Professional recording studio. large tuned live room. wide amp/instrument selection. Logic 9 Pro. Pro tools. Petros Guitars. Isolation rooms. Multiple drum kits. Comfortable control room. great creative atmosphere for musicians of all styles.

“Every time we have recorded at Interpose it has been a fun creative experience with great people and state of the art equipment!” -Ryan Rosinsky (singer/songwriter)”


Jessie McPherson

If you like country, you will love Jessie. If you like music, you’ll love Jessie. If you like people, you’ll want to hang out with this guy. Sincere, friendly and super talented…he’s the kind of guy you would hope all your favorite singers are when the stage lights go off.  Vocals, guitar, songwriting, the whole deal.


Iron River’s very own Erika Lindwall!  I have so much respect for this girl and I think we should all buy her book!  If you’re an amazon prime member you could have it in your hands in a couple days : ) Buy it HERE

Culinary Arts

Sharon’s Custom Cakes
Cakes and cupcakes for every occasion! I love her work and so did the boys when their birthday came around! And it’s not just me, every time her name comes up someone starts gushing about how fabulous she is!  She’s excellent at what she does, she is generous and absolutely the kind of person that you want to see succeed.  And when she’s not wow-ing you with her cakes she is a busy wife and homeschool mom.  Amazing.

See her work and place your order on her facebook page!
(and while you’re there, don’t forget to “like” it!)


Laser Tag Pro
Aaron Fischer has been a friend for many years and when it comes to operating with integrity and character you won’t find a more genuine guy.
“LaserTagPro manufactures commercial quality laser tag equipment for outdoor and indoor play. We are gamers at heart,  striving to bring the best laser combat experience to the market. Laser Tag Pro is enabling the masses to experience Laser Tag in a whole new way.

By utilizing the latest technologies LaserTagPro strives to help business with more then just equipment. We provide business owners with essential tools and services to help the manage and grow their business.”

Looks like I’m going to have to do a part 2! Products, services and sales will be the next post, hopefully tomorrow! Until then you can share and pin this post and lets generate some attention for the little guys!



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