The one about Halloween

Halloween has always been one of those weird things in my life. For some it’s the most normal thing that I’ve never celebrated the day and then some people look at me like I’m not even speaking English when I tell them that our kids aren’t dressing up.  Then of course there’s the group that feels sorry for my poor children.  I think they want to sneak my kids out of the house and dress them up and give them two year’s worth of sugary treats.  Have you seen my kids on sugar? Jokes on you! 😉 lol  Lately, I think I may have lost some of that crowd that thinks it’s normal by choosing not participate in church-sponsored Oct 31st activities. Thankfully, I saw my parents handle these situations gracefully and I’m learning to do the same. I’d like to say that I don’t care what my church friends think, but I actually do. I don’t live or die by their praises or criticisms, but I do respect their choices and opinions.

Anyway, I’m stepping wayyyy out of my comfort zone to be totally honest with you today. I would much rather write about how we, as Christians, can all agree to shun the “evil side” of Halloween.  “Let’s not dress our kids up like satan, offer any sacrifices to the devil or sell our souls.”  We could probably all agree on that and walk away content with our choices, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum. But that’s been done a million times.  So instead, I’m going to say some things that may make you feel defensive or upset and I can’t apologize for that. I’m just going to share about what our family has chosen and why, do with it what you will.

History –
This is probably familiar ground, but if it’s not take a few minutes to look up the origins of some of the following. I am not exaggerating when I say that each one is steeped in the occult, fortune telling, death and pretty much all things satanic.

jack o’lanterns
trick or treat
bobbing for apples

Present Day
October 31st is a high holy day for those in the occult. Ritual killings, human and animal sacrifice, sexual abuse to name a few of the things that take place.  As I’ve researched this I have had to make sure to keep the truth that there is nothing as powerful as the love of God and I have nothing to fear front and center in my thoughts.  Because believe me, there is some scary stuff going on and not just in a few isolated places. I will not even share the news reports that I read, they are so disturbing. This is real, this is what’s going on.  And if you don’t believe the demonic realm is active then you may want to spend some time studying the life of Christ and the things that He encountered.

Moving on….

Ok, so those are the facts. Pretty much everything about the day is a celebration of the work of satan.
In case that doesn’t make it clear, I will continue…

Yes, I could say that it’s all just fun and that when “we” celebrate, we’re not really celebrating those things. But what message does that send my kids? That it’s ok to dabble in witchcraft and the occult as long as our hearts are “in the right place”? How far will we….how far will they…take a message like that? Where do we draw the line with the things we do in the name of fun, brushing off the parts we don’t like? Because the things that exist as a door to the occult may seem innocuous at first. They’re found in music, movies, the kids game aisle, kids books…you don’t have to look far or draw ridiculous conclusions about code words or hand signals, they’re just out there waiting to draw us in with the lie that “it’s just for fun”.
Last year as I thought about this issue and how Wes and I would address with the boys as they got older I was kind of dreading it. But as I was talking to God about it this year He showed me what a great opportunity it is to teach Nathan and Daniel that as we go through this life we will find joy and life every time we choose obedience and truth over whatever silly things the world tries to tell us are good.  The world doesn’t have a clue what true joy, fun and goodness is all about when they’re gorging themselves on a counterfeit. You know that satan didn’t create anything, right? All he can do is twist and pervert the things that God created. Who wants to settle for the twisted and scarred version when we have access to the original design of every good thing?

Its not about making a big stand against something, it’s about choosing what is best and celebrating what we love and desire for our lives. 


Last, but not least….the “harvest party”.  Yep, I’m going there.  If you don’t go to one every year, you have at least been to one. I have.  And I’m not attacking those things by any means.  I am not saying that they aren’t a good outreach. What I am saying is that we have chosen not to participate. It is my personal conviction that in doing so we would suggest to our kids that if we can’t do what the world is doing then we make up a Christian version of it.  No, thanks.
I look at it like this – what we do is either in response to God or in reaction to the devil. I want to live from the former. If attending a party on Halloween is in response to what God is calling me to then I’ll go. If it’s just in reaction to what everyone else is doing, then I’ll pass. Make sense?

Since we don’t get trick or treaters to our house we haven’t had to decide how we would handle that situation. On one hand we could hand out tracts with candy, on the other we could turn off our port light and not subject the boys to seeing all the kids doing something that they don’t fully understand why they’re not allowed to do.  To be honest, I think spending an hour with one person or family probably has a greater impact than spending an hour handing out tracts, but I could be wrong.

It is not my intent to try to get you to change your mind or to do something differently. I don’t claim to have all the answers or to be doing everything the only right way. It is my hope that every single Christian will take this seriously and not just go along with what someone else is doing. Ask yourself why.  Pray about it, see what is in the Father’s eyes when you ask Him what to do and then, if need be, make the hard choice. Be fearless. If it is your conviction that God wants you to throw a harvest party then I sincerely hope that you do that.


I had a hard time finding good resources on the subject that were available online, but these are worth the read –

UPDATE: One of my friends shared this with me and I thought it was extremely relevant to this conversation. She gave me permission to share it with you here –

“I was on a business flight coming back into Orlando and seated next to a well-dressed attractive woman in her 30’s. We started talking and I asked if she were in Orlando on business. She proceeded to tell me that she and was headed to their annual festival on October 31 that was being held in Orlando. Witches and Warlocks from all over the country were gathering to pray destruction on all Christian households and marriages specifically. She furthered explained how it is a sacred holiday for them and they are pleased to see so many celebrating even though they put a facade on it. That said it all for me!!! Never again did I have anything to do with that day other than prayer!!!”


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