Muskrats and Palaver

I was about 10 years old when I was out on the canoe with my dad and spotted some sort of creature along the shore…a muskrat I think.  When I pointed it out  he enthusiastically told me that I had a “good eye”.  Weeks and months later I still glowed at the compliment and was positive that no one could spot hard to see things as well as I could. 
I remember being 14 and standing in our living room showing my parents a song (Shout to the Lord!) and the “interpretive dance” that I had learned that summer.  After I finished they responded with “wow, when did you become such a good singer?” (take it with a grain of salt, they were parents after all lol)  
That same year one of my friends saw a picture of me and told me that I looked like a guy in the picture. I bet he doesn’t remember saying that, but it stuck with me. 

Almost two decades later these things still come to mind now and then. 

I’ve been talking to Nathan a lot about words lately. He’s learned some mean ones and I’ve been struggling to teach him the value of words and how important it is to use our words to bring life, hope and joy to the people around us. The truth is, I think we all forget that sometimes. 

So here’s a reminder – what you say matters. Your sarcasm hurts. Your compliment awakens hope. Your kindness plants seeds that may just bear fruit for years to come.  This truth can be found all through Scripture, I’m not making it up and I’m sure not getting this from Oprah. Check it out, then do it. 




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