I stared in the mirror a little longer than I’m comfortable with this morning wondering what story my face tells. Am I young or old, happy or sad, peaceful or stressed? I guess it’s impossible to guess what others see.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to guess what God sees when He looks at me because He has revealed it to me in the words that are so full of life in my precious Bible.  He has given me incredible friends and family that speak to me and treat me in a way that gives me a glimpse of what Father sees. 

As my morning progressed  thoughts of time and years and memories and the future are stirring and tugging my heart in different directions.  In the beauty of all this life I felt like God pushed pause for a second to ask me a serious question. One that I will likely spend quite a bit of time talking to Him about in the days and weeks ahead. 

“What do you want to see before you’re 30? Be specific.” 

Some of the answers rushed in and some are and will continue to trickle in…I want to see Nathan come into a great understand of who God is. I want to see lives changed. I want God to use ME to change lives.  I want to visit Redding. I want to see an answer to one prayer that is heavy on my heart. 

I’m sharing this with you because I believe as I break off a piece of my life and share it with you that God can use it in new ways to feed your soul. And I believe that there is value in searching our hearts for the answer to this question no matter where you’re at in life. What do you want to see? If you could ask God for one thing and know it would happen, what would it be?  And for some of us – why do we have such a hard time believing that our God (who says that even the evil men know how to give good gifts to their kids, how much more our Father in Heaven) wants to do these things for us and for His glory?

He’s so good and I can feel His smile over me this morning. I hope you can, too. 




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