A Mother’s Heart for the Nations

Sometimes I don’t like people. (At least pretend to be shocked by this confession, would you?) I love most people. God’s love has been so richly poured out on my life, how could it not overflow? But there are still those people to whom my wallet doesn’t want to open, I’m not so quick to hug, I forget that serving them would be an honor and I just block the flow of however God wants to love them through me. 

  This may seem like a rabbit trail, but hang in there, it will make sense eventually. Hopefully….

If you’re a parent or have ever loved a child you should be able to relate to this. It’s that moment when your child is lost, hurt, crying and in your absence, someone else is able to give them comfort.  I feel like that person has given me the best gift. On Monday a sweet friend of mine noticed that Daniel was stuck in a rope ladder and she rescued him and carried him across the playground to me. (thank you, Jen!!!)  In that moment there was no separation in my mind between whether she had done something for him or for me. How much more if one of my children was injured or starving and I wasn’t able to do anything about it? Tears are welling up in my eyes at the very thought of it. And the overwhelming gratitude my heart will feel to know that someone met that need for Nathan or Daniel would probably be even greater than if they had done it for me. 

Ok, quickly – here’s the tie. I was reading Matthew 25. Most of us could quote it pretty accurately by heart. By as I read those words “whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done to me” it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Every human on the planet is loved by God even more than I love Nathan and Daniel, as hard as that is for me to get my head around. So every time I love on one of those sons or daughters God feels it like I do when someone loves on one of my kids. My heart is breaking right now at the thought of how God must feel looking at all those who are unloved in this world, who have needs that are going unmet by His body, even those who are shaking their fist at Him while their hearts are breaking. God, keep that father’s/mother’s heart ever close to me as I encounter Your precious creation. 

I keep sharing this song because it’s changing my life. And its fitting here because every thing that Jesus ever did to show His love for us and all that He endured He did out of that same Fatherly love and He looks at you and me and the outcast and says “my love, you’re worth it all”

Let’s lean in and get a hold of God’s heart on this so we can change the world. God’s love does that you know….it changes everything that becomes aware of His love. 


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