Jesus wept.

Jesus wept.
Thinking about those words today. In John 11 a situation unfolds that looks something like this –
Mary and Martha call for Jesus, because their brother (who they describe as one whom Jesus loves) is sick. Jesus tells them that Lazarus won’t die, but that God will be glorified.
Lazarus dies.
A couple days later Jesus arrives and finds Mary and Martha grieving, hurting deeply, as you can imagine. I can’t even allow my mind to shift toward to pain of losing my brother, it would be so awful. What does Jesus do? Scold them? Ignore them and get on to the business of raising the dead? Hug them while a single tear rolls down His cheek?
You know the answer-
Jesus weeps.
He weeps…a gut wrenching pain fills His gut and the tears flow

The thing is, Jesus knows that Lazarus is about to be raised, He isn’t weeping over His own loss. He is sharing in the suffering of two women who are hurting. He is mourning with those who mourn. He is pausing in the midst of this situation to make sure Mary and Martha know they are not alone, that they are loved this much.

Let it sink in. This is the God we serve. Everything that is true about the Father can be found in the person of Jesus.

God, we open our hearts to Your love and to know more of Your character, that we may overflow with the love that has been poured out on us.



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