To the woman who…

The year was 1984, the month was August. That was when my mom added “mom” to her list of identities that already included daughter, wife, friend and Orthopedic Unit Secretary.  That’s when the sacrifices began. Time. Money. Social life. Comfort. Then 6 years later along came my sister and mom traded in her career to stay at home with us and shortly after added “teacher” to her list of identities. Making the sacrifice to homeschool me because her and dad believed it was the best choice for their family. And in 28 years not a word of complaint. 

    There were so many years when my young heart had no idea how lucky I was to have such a wonderful mom, but those years have passed. Now I see it very clearly. To have a mother who is selfless has taught me so much and given me so much. To have a mother who has a servant’s heart has given me a glimpse into who I long to become. To have a mother who is compassionate and gentle has given me an understanding of what it means to be a woman who understands that strength doesn’t lie in masculinity, but in embracing who God made us to be. To have a mother who isn’t afraid to work hard has helped me to press on toward that goal in my life. To have a mother who loves unconditionally has shown me the heart of God.  For all these reasons and so many more I give thanks to a good God who has blessed me so much to be able to call this woman “mom”.  

So to the woman who gave me life in so many ways, love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you so much for being everything that you are. 



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