As I Lay Dying

Murder. Sin. Destruction. 

I know that some of you aren’t familiar with the band As I Lay Dying,  so let me give you a quick rundown – they’re a grammy-nominated metalcore band made of up of Christians, although they’ve avoided the label “Christian band”. They’ve won various awards and their album An Ocean Between Us  debut at number 8 on the Billboard charts and number 1 on the rock chart. Suffice it to say, they have made a name for themselves. 

Yesterday the band’s founder and lead singer, Tim Lambesis, was arrested after he attempted to hire and undercover cop to kill his estranged wife.  

I was shocked when Wes sent me a text this morning with the news article. Could this be true? 

But here’s what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to shake my first at the church for being lukewarm or say that it’s just another sign of the times. I’m not going to point fingers or play judge and jury. I just want to say this – 
What could the God of the impossible do through this? 
What if this terrible situation gets turned around? What if a year from now we get to see Tim Lambesis as a man who has renounced the lies he believed that brought him to this point and his faith has caught fire? What if the whole band catches fire and, in the words of John Wesley, people come for miles to watch them burn? What if relations are restored and broken hearts are healed? 
What if we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, stand in the gap on his behalf and ask God to do what He does best and turn this thing around? What if they know us by our love?

You see, hope expects good, but faith sees what we’re hoping for and together they invite the answer. So lets join our hope and faith with prayer to see lives changed as Tim Lembesis stands in the spotlight in a way he never has before and has an opportunity to right this terrible wrong. 

What if…

Life. Holiness. Rebuilding. 



3 thoughts on “As I Lay Dying

  1. Read this quote from Tim on the band’s website – “I’m not sure what the difference is between five Christians playing in a band and a Christian band,” he said. “If you truly believe something, then it should affect every area of your life. All five of us are Christians. I believe that change should start with me first.”
    Truth. Let it break through the lies…


  2. I like your post. It doesn’t simply bash Tim or the band. It gives us a reminder that no matter who we are, we all are sinners. I truly hope Tim still is a Christian and that these tragic circumstances bring him back to his roots. There is so much promise and restoration that can occur through this! I have listened to and supported AILD for over 10 years and all I want is for God to right this situation for them and for everyone else.


    1. Thank you! Its always nice to know that with all the nasty comments flying around about the band, Christians, metal music and Tim that there are still people who have a heart for restoration and hope!


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