To our God we lift up one voice


Once again we’re here, looking at an unspeakable tragedy that has resulted in the loss of life and so many injuries. A day that will drive us to our knees, cause us to be grateful for the safety of our friends and family and maybe for a moment make the busyness of our minds fade away and the things that divide us seem less important.
May we lift up our voices as one to a good God and agree with Him for …

Holy Spirit to come in like a flood to minister comfort to every broken heart

Fear to leave, especially for those who have sons, daughters, spouses and other loved ones in Boston today

Wisdom and insight for law enforcement

Healing for the wounded

Supernatural skill for the surgeons and all the medical staff

An absolute thwarting of any plans to bring more tragedy to Boston

Wisdom and power for every believer to bring hope, love, comfort and JESUS to each searching heart

…and for God to have His way to bring good from what was meant for evil

Heard from a woman earlier who’s kids are on a missions trip in Boston right now. God’s strategic timing!


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