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I wanted to write from my heart about this, but I just can’t. It’s too overwhelming and nothing I can say feels like enough. Its easier to look away, I know, I do it. But as I follow this story and feel the pain of grief and loss over and over I think about how the Father feels. The horror and pain I feel over an infant born alive and having her spinal cord severed with scissors as she writhes in pain is no less real than the pain that Daddy God feels as a woman swallows a pill and kills her unborn child. 

I know its hard. I know its heavy. I know we would all rather read about how to raise awesome kids, how to organize your life in 3 easy steps or how to throw the party of the century. There will be time for that later. I pray that the things that break God’s heart would also break ours. Not so that we can remain broken hearted, but so that we will storm the gates of hell as the enemy tries to destroy generation after generation of babies, mothers and families and say “not on my watch!”. We will not be silent, we will not be still. 



2 thoughts on “Murder.

  1. Yes! God just spoke to us in church weds as a church body and said that this heaviness we have been feeling is a burden he has allowed. That we, as God’s people, are in a place of trevail….you remember that part in labor, where you want to quit because its too hard, its too much..? But praise be to God, he gives us what we need to rise! To press! He told us to fast and pray, seek his face, and this will lift…

    There is a time for every thing, a season. I believe God’s people as a whole are in a time of sorrow, trevail, but the birth is coming and we will see new ones “born” into the kingdom! It will be a time of rejoicing just as in natural birth! We will be in awe! We will dance and celebrate, help train, encourage and press again! and so the circle goes until our Lord returns for us…

    It was very hard to watch and its heart wrenching, but let it be so that my heart break too! I will run to the one that knows! That sees! That will move mountains to bring deliverance!


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