Jessica’s Hope

Yes, I’m talking about hope again. And it won’t be the last time : )  My beautiful friend Jessica is expecting a baby any time now. While I’m sure this comparison is nothing new, it was the first time that I considered how pregnancy is such a wonderful picture of hope.
Hope. Confident, joyful expectation.
She knows this baby is coming, even though she doesn’t know exactly when. She knows it, even though she can’t touch mr. or miss baby. She knows it well enough to be preparing- spending time, money and precious energy (and let’s not forget the knitting!) to make sure that when this baby comes there will be a place ready. She feels it from the inside in a way that other people cannot. The changes in her tell others that there is probably a baby coming (although the wise ones will not assume anything!). The closer it gets the more discomfort she feels, but that will not sway her. This thing that she is hoping for is far greater than what it will cost her to get it.
Hope seems to grow in us in a similar way. The more I get to know the character of God the more this hope grows in me. Hope for the lost, the broken, the sick. Hope for my family and friends. Hope for my kids to go further than I can in this short life. Hope is a beautiful thing and I’m as excited to see the things I hope for realized as I am for Jessica to hold her hope in her arms ❤

Isn't she lovely?
Isn’t she lovely?

A special thanks to this incredible woman of God who let me use her for this! Her love, compassion, tenacity and hope have changed my life and I’m so very privileged to know this precious woman. Pray for perfect peace, rest and comfort as she waits with joyful expectation!


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