…and I could not ask for more

Last week we had an ophthalmology appointment for Nathan. It wasn’t anything traumatic for him, just the usual cover this eye, cover that eye, look here, there and everywhere, blink three times and read the alphabetic in Aramaic. People were in and out doing one test after another and my brain was in hyper drive making sure Nathan felt safe and secure and keeping Daniel from pulling the tv off the wall or breaking any of the machines (that certainly cost more hundreds of the pairs of shoes I drool over combined) and trying to ask questions and retain all the information that was being offered to me….and then the strangest thing happened – there was a calm. It felt like slow motion. The doctor finished, Nathan hopped down off the chair and came straight over and gave me a big hug and then just stayed there for a minute. He had done his time as a big boy and he was proud of himself. Now it was time for a moment with mommy before moving on.

Being a mom is a lot of work. Most of you reading this are probably moms, so I won’t belabor the point. But those moments, those hugs…they’re irreplaceable and could not be duplicated without the time and effort and tears that go into all the rest. I need those moments and they remind me to slow down in a way that is way more effective than all the little old ladies at the grocery store that love to remind new moms that childhood comes and goes in the blink of an eye and you need to embrace every moment.

I don’t really have a reason for writing this except that its a part of my life that I wanted to share. If there are any great conclusions to be drawn, I will leave you to do that while I drag my zombie looking self over to the picnic blanket for a lunch date with the only two boys that don’t mind that I may just fall asleep in my banana sandwich.

Picnic time
Picnic time

One thought on “…and I could not ask for more

  1. My heart and eyes overflow with love and joy that you can embrace these years even through the sleepless nights, hectic dinners and the days where you feel as if all you did was hold Daniel or comfort Nathan. Sometimes those are exhausting days but you’re doing exactly what you’re called to do and doing it with love and grace as both mother and wife. So proud.


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