Is it…a bird riding a horse in space?

I heard someone recently compare our worship to a child’s drawing. When Nathan brings me something that he created I don’t have to recognize it or know just what it is to appreciate it. I love it because he made it with me in mind and he put all his little three year old effort into picking beautiful colors and creating something wonderful. I love it, celebrate it and hang it on my fridge with total sincerity because it makes me heart happy to see the joy in his eyes as he hands me that priceless art and says “here mom”.

I think our heavenly Father delights in what we offer Him the same way. Its not the perfect pitch, Psalm-like lyrics,  stunning choreography,  or perfectly executed act of service that makes Him grin as much as it is our joy in presenting our gift to Him. After all, we know what matters most is our heart ❤

We have a brand new paint set, a tuned up instrument and a jar of freshly sharpened pencils any moment that we want to create something beautiful. What will you race to His side and offer Him with a grin and a “here Dad” today?



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