Bourn(e). Again.

2013-01-09_10-52-50_717My last post sparked some interesting discussion, which inspired me to follow through a little more. This topic of being either a sinner or being saved has taken me down quite a few rabbit trails of study, most of which I will completely avoid today : )  I’ve included Scripture by adding links, rather than spelling each one out so follow along with your mouse if you like. It’s all there, I’m not making it up!

So here is what I’m not saying – I am not claiming to be sin- free. Is that the goal? Absolutely! Is that what Jesus paid for the on the cross? Yes! Am I there yet? Nope. But I press on…

I’m not saying that having a new identity in Christ is a free pass to pridesville. God is our source, and everything that we have access to in Him (which is everything!!) is because of the price that He paid, not because of anything that I’ve done. There’s nothing more humbling than seeing the King of kings paying the price for my sin. He’s so holy and I am nothing when I’m separated from Him.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, check this out. You know those spy movies where someone gets made so they go to a super secret spot, pick up a big envelope, dump the contents on a frumpy hotel comforter and begin the process of creating a new identity? Passport, driver’s license, social security card, credit cards, done and done. Then with a new haircut, some wash in color and a burn of his old papers George becomes James and makes his way to a sunny beach without a trace of the old man.  C’mon, you know you think it’s pretty cool. : )  Well here’s the thing – we get that too! Sinner becomes saint. Orphan becomes son or daughter. Reject becomes beloved. Stranger becomes family.  These aren’t just words, they are Truths that change everything.

Whenever I’m studying something I always look at the life of Christ to see what truths lie hidden (or not so hidden) there. This is what I see when I look at the way Jesus carried Himself here on earth – He knows who His daddy is.  When my dad was still alive he managed the parts department at a GM dealership and he pastored a church.  It wasn’t something I had to constantly remember, but as Brian’s daughter, it was just another part of my identity. Even when I was young and surrounded by the men at the dealership, I never felt too intimidated to walk into the parts department and hang out behind the counter. The level of authority that my dad had gave me confidence and access that I would not have had otherwise. And even though he’s been gone for six years the man who now runs the part department still gives me a discount because of who my dad was. All that to say, how much more confidence, authority and access should we be walking in because of who our heavenly Father is? I don’t walk with my head hanging, eyes to the ground, shrugging my way through life because I’m a sinner. I (try to) walk with my head high, looking for people with whom I can share the endless resources that have been entrusted to me because I am the daughter of the King. I strive to live as Jesus did and serve with the heart of a king and in the areas I’ve been given authority, to rule with the heart of a servant.

That’s all for now…


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